Fall of Fuchsia

We're having our second bout of cold weather here in Atlanta....or maybe that is wishful thinking. More than likely, the cold is settling in for good. Surprising, how suddenly it descends. Just a couple days ago it was warm enough for me to wear this outfit. Initially, I also wore jeggings but as soon as I stepped outside, it was clear that they were unnecessary. I ended up wearing just the sweater over this thin cotton dress. I took a blazer in case I was out at night, when it would have been cooler. The sweater is a favourite of mine. It’s fuchsia and has little pom pom’s in the front - a playful and feminine detail that helps keep me happy during the colder months.I donned the black hat and bag as well as loads of brass jewellery to prevent things from becoming too saccharine. Although, they are strangely out of view in these photos, I did wear shoes!

 Do you relegate bright colours to the warmer months or do you, like me, enjoy breaking this fashion rule?

Hat:vintage- thrifted
Bag:Dooney & Burke- thrifted
Jewellery-collected from various sources (mostly, handmade)

Photo Credit: Ekiuwa of House of Evbuomwan

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