Opened Windows

I’m making the most of the Spring Equinox by clarifying my intentions, meditating and praying. I’m ready for the renewal and new beginnings that this season represents. The windows are open, incense and sage are burning and blessings are flowing.

Tips For Using Sage To Cleanse A Space:

      *Place clean sand in ceramic dish or metal container.
*Place bundle of sage into dish/container.
*Light sage with a match, then extinguish the flame.
*Allow the smoke to increase.
*Holding the container, disperse the smoke throughout your
  home or other space that you would like cleansed. 
*Take time to allow the smoke to spread throughout the 
*Place the sage outside and allow it to eventually burn out
  or place it under cool water.

  N.B. You can usually purchase bundles of dried sage at  health food 
  stores or at  stores that sell indigenous American goods. 

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