Pickup trucks & Paisley

One of the reasons I like living in Atlanta is how short the winters tend to be. On those days when the cold penetrates one’s bones and erodes the sunniest of demeanors, hope lingers. I can brave those frigid days knowing that it will not be too long ’til I can leave my home without needing to wear my entire wardrobe.
And alas! It seems like I might soon be able to put those cumbersome coats away. Over the past few weeks, we in the ‘A’ have been enjoying weather that makes sense to this island girl, i.e., temperatures over 50 degrees fahrenheit. Still, I’ve been hesitant to believe that Spring is really here lest I be caught unprepared for a  final assault from winter. So I’ve been wearing one layer too many even as my neighbours walk around in shorts and flip-flops. This sleeve-less jumpsuit and blazer combo is my way of coming around to the idea. In a couple more weeks, it will probably be too warm to wear the jumpsuit and I might feel safe enough to ditch the blazer. 

Photos by: Kaye McCoy of 7th Street Studio

Blazer: Thrifted
Bag:Coach, Vintage
Rope chord worn as headband

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