To Make Assata Proud

~ Assata Shakur 

I'm commemorating the birthday of one of my sheroes, Assata Shakur, by reflecting on the life she has lived, namely the sacrifices she has made for her people. As I consider the example Mama Assata has set, I ask myself "what I'm doing to advance the cause of upliftment for black people and for all people?" Invariably, I feel like I can do so much more, that I can devote more thought, time and energy to helping realise a more equitable world. I realise that this doesn't have to entail some grandiose act. Even the smallest or most simple gestures can be a significant contribution. I can spend 15 minutes each day in meditation focused on specific issues or four hours each week mentoring youth. There are also my talents, writing and designing can be channelled towards empowerment. In short, there are so many ways in which I...WE...can make a positive difference. 

Photo from Getty Images

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