Barefooted & Happy

There is truth to the adage “Simplicity is more”. It seems to me that more peace, joy, fulfillment comes from doing the simple things in life...those things that don’t cost plenty money. Eating fresh from the land, basking in the sun, walking around barefooted and feeling the cool soil beneathyour feet, playing with animals and making new friends. Recently, I spent a day doing these very things with a Chari, a sister I met on Instagram. We knew that we wanted to take some photos at an old house but beyond that we didn’t give the whole thing too much thought. As soon as we met, I could feel that Chari was someone whose presence I would enjoy. She and I walked around my town chatting and keeping an eye out for an ideal location. It wasn’t long before we found it. The property’s gate was open but we didn’t want to tresspass. (Actually, let me give Chari credit for being cautious.) There was no bell to ring so the call of our voices had to do. Soon enough, an old man, his skin weathered by the intense tropical sun appeared. We all introduced ourselves, Chari and I explaining what we had in mind. Without hesitation, the elder (Mr. Prudent) welcomed us into his yard. 
Over the next few hours, we had a blast. We took plenty photos, played with fishes and adorable rabbits, who may or may not have been a little confused about the humans pestering them. Mr. Prudent offered us the bounty from his land: coconuts, tamarind, grapefruit, green plantains.  He pretty much let us roam free and make all the mischief we wanted to make. We left with dirty feet, leaves and twigs in our hair and a hoarde of fruits. Moreover, we left with a precious reminder that there are still generous souls in this world and that those who seem to have the least to give are often the most willing to do so. I hope that on those days when I’m tempted to feel selfish, I remember Mr.Prudent and his lesson that we always have enough to share.

Special Thanks to Mr. Prudent for graciously and generously allowing us to use his home for this shoot.

Photography Credit: Chastity 

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Cuffs: Kartha Imports
Necklace: Thrifted
   Earrings: Beauty Supply Store 
Ring: Shah

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