6 Tips for Braiding Your Hair in West Africa

On my first visit to Senegal six years ago, I figured it would only be right to have my hair braided there. It seemed so obvious that I could find the dopest hair braiders and be charged way less than the steep prices one pays in the U. S. or the decent prices in the Caribbean. Still, I had my reservations. Too many of my experiences at African hair braiding salons (in Atlanta and Harlem) had been unpleasant. I had begun to question if  convenience and dope hairstyles were worth head-aches and damage to my hair. Added to that braiding trauma, I did not speak Wolof and my French was not as strong as I thought necessary.
Fortunately, I was travelling with my dear friend who is Senegalese-Malian. With her help (and some polishing of my French), I entrusted my hair to the hair braiders' hands again. After walking away with a style I was very pleased with, headache free, I began a travel tradition of having my hair braided whenever I visit West Africa. Over time, I have come up with a few suggestions that will hopefully help if you are interested in getting your hair done while traveling to Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria or elsewhere. Here are my tips...

Photography Credit: Kyeon Constantine

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