Fruity Friends: 10 reasons to eat Pawpaws & Cashews

As a child, I loved fruits, namely, tropical fruits. My parents didn't have to convince me to eat these yummy offerings of Nature. My cousins, friends and I were always climbing one fruit tree or another...invariably emptying buckets and bowls filled with mangoes, pomeracs, pommecytheres (not sure of the non Trini names for those) and other tropical fare. However pawpaws (papayas) and cashews didn't exactly elicit the same zeal from me. Sure I liked cashew nuts (the roasted inner part of the seeds) but the tawry fruit had too weird of a taste for me....actually, it didn't have enough of a taste, just a strange tongue tying effect. Pawpaw didn't vie much better in the taste department. Yes, there was sweetness but next to mangoes and soursops, known for their milky decadence, pawpaws seemed like they were half-a$$ing it. 
Now that I'm an adult though, I've learned to put aside my non-enthusiasm towards these old frienemies for the benefits they offer. Below, I've listed 10 reasons why they're worth a bite.

1)Helps to preserve cardiovascular  health.
2)Promotes colon health.
3)Conteracts inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. 
4)Aides digestive health.
5)Strengthens the immune system.

1)Source of good dietary fat, which reduces bad cholestorol.
2)Strengthens muscles, bones and teeth.
3)Low in sugar (uncommon for a tropical fruit).
4)Contains simply absorbed protein so good
for person recovering from surgery.
5)Promotes a strong immune system.

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