Wrap It Up

Many a bad hair day for a black woman has been averted thanks to head ties. I can certainly vouch for that. Whether it's because of an overdue wash day or my kinks rebelliously asserting their autonomy, pieces of fabric have invariably come to my rescue. Admittedly, cotton isn't the best option in terms of materials  that are gentle on my curls but I so like its proletarian simplicity. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy dressing things up a bit with my do-wraps. Granted, I may not get all regal with an elaborate gélé but it's fun to play around with more pretty ways to styling head-wraps even if that just means using some waxed fabric, an Ethiopian scarf, a Tanzanian  kanga or  a beloved batik. The textile options abound as greatly as the ways you tie them. 

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