Sundays Are For Self

Sundays have always seemed infused with a special and sacred energy.  That may be due in part to the energy that humans put into it. It has been for centuries a holy day among civilisations as disparate as Christian, Pagan & Kemetic. The reverence in which Sundays have been held by so many over so long does make me wonder if perhaps there is something profound and primordial to the resonance it has with us.

Regardless,  I love Sundays and although, I don't practise Christianity,  they are my holy days.  Having a job that often takes me away from home on the weekends has made me cherish them even more. To lie in bed late with a good book,  crank up some evocative music, sip on a hot brew, share brunch with friends or sprawl out beneath a tree or on a beach feels like communion with the Divine and recharges my soul. These rituals are some of my favourite ways to tend to myself. 

Over the last several months as I have immersed myself in starting a business, albeit one based on things that I enjoy, I began to sacrifice more and more self care Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted were indicators that I was not giving enough to myself. So last Sunday I cancelled plans to work on 'stuff'. I heeded my spirit's call to rest and rejuvenate.

 I also jotted down 7 tips for incorporating
 self care in my daily life ...and not just on
 Sundays. Maybe, they can help you too.

1) Take time before doing anything else
    each morning to meditate & pray.

2) Do one thing each day that brings 
    you joy, whether it be interacting with a
    loved one, watching a comedy, spending
    time in nature or reading a good book.

3) Be willing to ask for help.

4) When anxiety, frustration or any other
     manifestation of fear arises, take 10
    deep breaths and affirm a soothing 
    mantra. One of my favourites is 
    "Om Shanti Om", it's a Sanskrit 
     chant that channels peace.
5)Do something to pamper your body. This
   could include a manicure/pedicure or
  massage at the spa, having your hair
  done, or taking a candle lit bath.

6) Say affirmative things about yourself.
    For eg., "I love you" {while looking in a
    mirror} , "I am doing the best that I can",
    " I am worthy of being surrounded by  
      ease, love, harmony & peace".
7) Give thanks for the things you were
    able to accomplish that day and all
   the good you experienced.

               May we be gentle with ourselves! 

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