Travel Diary: A Sunday Afternoon In Amsterdam

For a while it seemed as though my only day in Amsterdam would be spent indoors, under the sheets. The rain was relentless and charcoal clouds had blanketed the sky. Eventually though, the showers stopped and sunlight timidly stretched across the landscape. Despite having to scratch my original plan of going to the Van Gogh museum, I was intent on making the most of my afternoon in the Dutch city. I headed out with a map and camera in hand. Minutes later, surrounded by locals , other tourists and a gazillion bikes, I stood on the ferry to the heart of town.

After disembarking, I hopped unto the number 2 tram at the Central station. My first stop was the flower market, famous for its supply of tulips, Holland's unofficial national flower. Unfortunately, tulips were not in season but there were other petaled pretties to enjoy. Half an hour strolling the stands was enough to do so.

 By that point, I had decided that I would spend the rest of the evening very leisurely. And in this case leisurely meant taking photos of Dutch architecture, crossing canals, stealing glances of cute couples and admiring the incredible number of bikes that populate the Netherlands.

    Sitting in a chic little cheese shop/cafe, I took in the delightful view and felt thankful for the lovely Sunday afternoon. My time in Amsterdam was a reminder that sometimes having no plan is the best plan of all.

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