In Search of Bliss: The Making

To create something you intend to share with a buying public is one of the most soul searching aspects of being an artist. How do you balance staying true to your vision with creating an appealing product? Is one priority more important than the other and if so which? Is it enough to pour love into something and trust that it will resonate with those with whom it is meant to resonate? 

Solving this puzzle, is in my opinion, a key to being a successful creative entrepeneur. Of course, people define success differently. That is well and good. For me, being successful means both creating things that I feel excited about and manifesting financial prosperity through sharing those creations with others. Discovering what exactly this looks like has been a deeply emotional process.for me. Quite likely the emotional conflict is a result of years of programming. Like many creative people, I was conditioned to believe that there is a dichotomy between the two. One had to choose between being a starving artist who honoured his/her art but lead a financially impoverished life and being a sell out who sacrificed creative soul in the name of money and fame. 

Despite this conditioning, deep down inside I always knew that having a viable and spiritually fulfilling career as an artist,  whether the medium is writing, music, painting or designing, wasn't some lofty goal. This intuitive knowing was supported by seeing many examples of creatives who actualized financial wealth through making things with which they were pleased. Subconsciously and then consciously, I decided that I would take my cue from them. 

It was all going well. I nurtured my artistic  voice and visualised attracting prosperity and it seemed that the Universe was orchestrating things to support me. Then it appeared like I hit a wall. Preoccupied with selling the designs for Ancestral Memory Mas, worry crept up on me.  "Did people not like what I was doing? " "Should I have made sexier costumes?" Soon, I began to internalize these thoughts and paralyze myself with fear.

Yet, that quiet whispering kept telling me to press on with my vision. Not to mention,  that there have been so many kind souls bolstering my confidence. They have reminded me that the people who are supposed to value what you do will and they will gladly pay money for it. 

Ancestral Memory Mas isn't meant to be a mainstream Carnival band.  It's meant to be a boutique band that caters to a special niche of people who will appreciate the AM aesthetic and lifestyle. Even when our customers share their input about what they would like, their suggestions will align with our design philosophy. It will feel congruent and harmonious.

This will be success. 

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