Take It Easy

 There's nothing like a comfortable outfit for hot days. This cotton eyelet blouse, billowy denim skirt and leather sandals are prime candidates for such a day. No fuss. Really easy. Just how I like my life. Speaking of easy clothes and life, I've been purging my closets and home with the objective of discarding anything that isn't a necessity or something I absolutely adore. Already, I've felt a lighter energy circulating. As the seasons change, it's so good to  follow their example and make the most of transition...sorting through our life to determine the things that are still serving our greatest good...clearing the old to make room for the new and not just in terms of objects but everything from habits to  relationships to belief systems. Detaching ourselves from all these can open a flood gate to more blessings. I'm excited to continue reflecting on what I need to release and what I would like to attract as a new season begins. How about you? 

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