Step Forward

What a difference a few days make. When I took these photos it was in the 60's (fahrenheit) in Atlanta. As I publish this post, the mercury has dropped to the 20's. Despite all the years that Atlanta has been my home away from home, its sudden shifts in temperatures from Fall to Spring still manage to jolt me. Yet, it doesn't take much to see this as a blessing. The interspersing of warm days tempers the cold ones. Leaves change colour. The chill blows through and the trees shed their leaves, carpeting the earth. Some birds journey further south. Some remain. Warms days visit for brief stints. New leaves sprout on the trees, fresh and green. Flowers bloom. The birds return and the cold retreats. It's all a reminder that so much in life is impermanent, liable to change at any moment. Instead of seeing this as a reason to feel disempowered, or bemoaning that we are at the whim of things we can not control. We can view it as grace. We can appreciate the harmonious, perfect order of nature and make the best of things as they are.  

Denim Shirt and Jeans: Goodwill, Atlanta
Blazer & Belt: Goodwill, Atlanta
Boots: The Clothing Warehouse Consignment Shop, Atlanta
Glasses:Warby Parker
Earrings: Local Atlanta Jeweller

Photography Credit:  Sammy Sampson Photography

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