Black Woman Power

Much has been said these past few days regarding women's rights, particularly with marches held across the US focused on such and the beginning of Trump's presidency.  I didn't attend any of the marches, not because I was opposed to the principles behind them but because I've needed to sit still and not do much, not say much. Tending to my mental health has been a primary priority, something that as a black woman /woman of colour  is one of the most radical and powerful acts I can carry out. In the space where sexism and racism intersect, the realities for us darker female kind require greater strength- strength that ultimately comes from within. This I know. So as women converged with pickets, loud speakers and  cleverly worded tshirts to demonstrate solidarity, I remained at home meditating, cleaning, listening to music- essentially  feeding my spirit and fortifying my mind. It was all with the intention that I will be able to lead a life that would make this world a safer place for my nieces, possible daughters and other girls. Sisterhood is vital, yes but those divine relationships reflect the relationship we have with ourselves. My sitting in silence was my gesture of solidarity.

Photography: Sammy Sampson 

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