Strolling & Sipping In Candler Park

Atlanta is a city filled with picturesque neighbourhoods. Charming architecture, verdant trees and inviting shops make strolling around town a treat. I relish every opportunity to enjoy these enclaves. One of my favourite spots is Mr. Bombay, a cosy cafe. It's warmly lit and decorated with books- reminiscent of a place you may find in Paris, London, San Francisco or New York...perfect for settling in with a hot cup of chocolate and a good read. 

Sweater and jeans: Thrifted from an Atlanta Goodwill
Boots: Purchased at Atlanta Consignment Shop Rag-o-Rama
Bag: Thrifted from an Atlanta Goodwill
Earrings: Purchased in Mexico
Rings: An Indian Bazaar in Trinidad & Tobago
Glasses:Warby Parker

Photography: Sammy Sampson 

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