Travel Diary: Ghana , A Retreat in Accra

Recently, I flew off to Ghana for a mini vacation. Although I didn't do everything on my agenda, the time there was enjoyable. I spent the days feasting on delicious, fresh tropical fruit; lying by the pool reading; hearing children play in the street, making beautiful new friendships and being blessed by the warmth of Ghanaian people. My visit to Ghana definitely helped me put things back into a more positive perspective. It also made me wonder if such a cheery vantage point is elusive unless we travel or is actually more sustainable than we may tend to think.

I do believe that sometimes it is necessary to change our environment in order to gain a fresh perspective. Routines have their benefits but they have their drawbacks as well.  Routines can convince us that things in our lives are stagnant - they prevent us from seeing the ways in which we are growing or illuminate a path to growth ; they may prevent us from seeing the blessings in our lives by fading those blessings into a landscape of mundane, seemingly meaningless things. When we have an opportunity to go somewhere new or at least slightly less familiar, it's as though our compass is reset. The lens seem clearer and more in focus. With this change of view comes excitement, a restored purpose and the ability to see the big picture as well as the details.  I suspect that this all occurs because when we travel, we are pulled from routine and all it entails: structure, predictability, monotony, security etc.

When we travel, we are compelled to find different ways of being, to reinvent ourselves, to connect with strangers, to confront useless beliefs, to learn new things and to take risks. There is only so much that guidebooks, maps and concierges can do. In fact, the best pieces of our travel experiences  often stem from the moments when we venture off the suggested path (literally and figuratively). Allowing our inner child to take charge, we give ourselves permission to explore, to rest and to indulge in things simply for the pleasure of the now.

We return feeling as though we have been infused with life. We express thanks for blessings that now seem so abundant. We vow to start new endeavours. We feel exuberant and we want that positivity to  last. So, can it? We may not always be able to escape to a so-called exotic place but we can have that energising positivity at home. Maybe we will not feel the giddiness of having trekked to Machu Pichu or swimming with dolphins each minute of every day. However, I believe that we can find ways to include elements that make vacations magical in our daily lives, especially since they need not be grandiose or expensive. 

*Explore a new part of your town or city spontaneously.
*Eat a dish or type of cuisine that you wouldn't ordinarily.
*Do something that seems ridiculously childish. PLAY!
*Devote time to relax (disconnected from technological gadgets).
*Engage in conversation with a stranger (preferably someone who
 seems quite different from you...and by conversation, I mean
 listen attentively to that person and share a bit of yourself).
*Learn a fun filled activity that you've dreamed of trying.
*Randomly smile with others.
*Indulge in self care (which doesn't even have to cost much).
*Do something touristy in your town/city/country.
*Keep a journal of these local adventures.
..............Be present in them all & Bring on the magic!

Photography:  DextDee Photography


  1. Beautiful and this is why I travel and exactly why I love my routeing. You've traveled well my dear.

  2. Thanks Chan! You continually inspire me and I look forward to sharing some travel adventures with you! :*