Sundays Like This

Having a job that often takes me away on the weekends has helped me appreciate the languorous pleasure of Sundays spent sleeping in late...well, Saturdays too for that matter. Unfurling from soft sheets to the sounds of nature instead of jumping to the jarring toll of an alarming clock is a welcomed respite. I take my cool time to greet the world. Un-bothered by the hours going by, I read, daydream or watch a movie-usually, spoiling myself with all three. I sip a cup of soothing tea and listen to my heart's musings. I used to feel a tinge of guilt at this self indulgence but many morns pulled from hotel beds to work before 6 am and having to then immediately turn on the 'ready to chat' switch have been an effective cure. I've come to embrace my need for solitude. Those who truly know me, know that as conversational as I can be, my tolerance for socialising and chatter is actually quite low.  As such, I view Sundays' quiet, easy awakenings as a sacred opportunity to care for my mind and spirit. In the haven of my home bedroom (since that's where I linger), I can recharge from the over stimulation of this society. Although I hope that even if I'm married with children, I will still claim such moments,  they will probably not be as frequent as now. (My friends with young one's to tend to remind me of this, intentionally or not). So for as long and as often as I can, I  will indulge in Sundays like this. 

Please share how you spend your Sundays. Do you pass them lazily or do you find yourself out and about before the sun is high in the sky?

Photography: Sammy Sampson 

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