Just to Get Away

The wish to live near the ocean or in the bush has been tugging at my heart strings more and more. Sitting before the sea as the sun stakes its claim in the sky or lying in a hammock reading and drinking a cup of tea as breeze whistles through the tropical foliage...meditating as rain patters unto the eager ground and eating juicy fruits reaped from the surrounding land. Lately, I've been acquainting and reacquainting myself with some of my islands' quiet little spaces...Villages with idyllic Amerindian, French and Spanish names. Passing through these niches that shun many of the trappings of urbanisation remind me that life can move at a slower, more gentle rhythm. How would it be to experience such days as a norm? For days to be governed by the sea or forest? For thoughts to be quieted by nature. I intend to find out.

Photography Credit: Kyeon Constantine 

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