Travel Diary From Home: Intro

As much as I enjoy travelling to other countries, nothing feeds my soul more than being at home in the Caribbean and on my home islands of Trinidad & Tobago in particular. While far from paradise, there is much good in these twin islands. However, although other Caribbean islands may be extolled as dream places to visit, T&T is not as celebrated unless for our famous Carnival and even in regards to this nuanced, vibrant, complex festival, so much goes unhighlighted. When it comes to the environmental beauty of Trinidad and Tobago, our anonymity is even greater. We Trinis, are responsible for this. Part of the cause is economic. Enriched with oil, natural gas and other geological resources, we have not had to rely as heavily on tourism as a primary source of revenue in comparison with our Caribbean neighbours. Another factor is that Trinbagonians are not very keen on valuing our beauty (environmental and cultural) unless it is validated by foreigners.

One of my reasons for starting this blog was to help celebrate my country's beauty. Beginning this month, I would like to kick things up a notch. From featuring more stories of inspiring young Trinbagonians to highlighting places to visit on the twin islands to sharing more recipes of Trini cuisine, I intend to bombard you with Trini goodness! I will provide tips for visiting as well as interesting things to know about Trinidad & Tobago. I look forward to hearing whatever questions you have along the way.

Photography Credit: Kyeon Constantine

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