Himalayan Pink Salt & Rose Water Scrub

Inspired by ancient queens of Egypt and India, I concocted this easy Himalayan Salt & Rose Water Scrub. It's perfect for when your face can use a little TLC but you aren't up to visiting a spa, either because you want to save money or you're just too cosy to leave the comfort of your home. It's inexpensive and super simple but totally regal. This scrub will leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling of roses. Those ancient queens would be proud! 

Here are some benefits of these two divine ingredients.....
Himalayan Pink Salt
*Draws toxins from skin. 
*Helps to fortify skin.
*Balances pH levels.
*Exfoliates and softens skin.

Rose Water 
*Contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties, thus helps to heal cuts. 
*Strengthens & regenerates skin tissue.
*Removes dirt and excess oil from pores.
*Helps to maintain pH balance.

Bonus Ingredient......
Vegetable Glycerin
*As a humectant, glycerin helps to draw moisture to the skin and also helps in maintaining moisture.
*Helps in reducing wrinkles.
*Helps in healing cuts and burns.

*Measure 1 cup of fine Himalayan Salt .
 (You can use course Himalayan Salt as well, just grind the grains 
  with a mini mortar & pestle. Ensure that the grains have an almost powdery texture). 
*Add 2 1/2 tablespoons of glycerin.
*Add 1 1/2 cup of rose water.
*Use a small spoon to mix the ingredients thoroughly.
*Let the mixture sit for 10 mins.
*Apply to your face and rub very gently. 
*Leave on for 20 mins, then rinse.
                                                 ..............Enjoy your refreshed skin!

*P.S. You can make rose water from scratch by distilling rose petals yourself or you can purchase it in a health food store or international farmer's market. All three ingredients could be purchased at such locations.


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