29.9.17 Pick: "The Mothers"

The Book Club is back with a new selection for October, "The Mothers" by Brit Bennett. It is  a novel that plunges into how the expectations of family and community can shape one's life. Through the life of Nadia Turner, a high school student in Northern California it charts grief, love, disappointment,hope and the collision of those things."The Mothers" captures relationships in all their complexities and highlights that the relationships we have with ourselves are often the most challenging. 
I enjoyed reading this book even though I was hoping for a different ending. Let me stop there though because I don't want to give away the story. Please read "The Mothers" if you haven't already so that you can share your thoughts. We will be discussing the book at our next Atlanta meet up. Comment below with your email address or send it to if you would like to receive an invitation to rsvp via EventBrite. (Access is private because my personal address is visible there). Tickets are $5.00 dollars and will cover the cost of refreshments.

 In addition to the Atlanta meet-up, I will be sharing my review on YouTube (The Book Club) and SoundCloud-(The Papyrus Book Club). Feel free to subscribe to either or both! :) I would sincerely really like your participation.

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