Caring For The Caribbean

It took me a long while to do this post. Frankly, I didn’t know exactly how to approach writing about the impact of this year’s hurricane season on the Caribbean - the place in this world that captures my heart the most….Should I elaborate on those foreigners who have either downplayed or ignored the impact of the massive storms?  Should I lambaste those who have expressed a desire to capitalise on the misfortune of islanders or the international financial institutions that have refused debt cancellation/postponement for besieged islands? It is compelling to speak about those things but I’m going to save my two cents on those topics for another day. Instead, here I’m solely going to focus on  sharing some information about ways to help.

First let me say that it has been refreshing to see the solidarity and dedication that Caribbean people are demonstrating. Individual citizens and regional governments have been contributing extensive help to our brothers and sisters on the affected islands.

Since the list of organisations and private parties helping to coordinate and facilitate Caribbean hurricane relief on the various islands is  quite lengthy, I will just be mentioning a few of these and providing online links to sites through which you can gather more information on donating and assisting. Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive. Also, you are welcome to share any additional Caribbean based or Caribbean Diaspora organisations aiding recovery efforts. You many notice that I have not listed major organisations such as the Red Cross and United Way. This is because I am a bit skeptical about the dealings of those groups in the Caribbean as it pertains to other disasters. The links here are primarily to initiatives being directed and organised by Caribbean people at home and in the Diaspora. Further down, I’ve also included specific items that would be important to donate. Some of the organisations identified accept either material or monetary donations, some accept both. Click on each name to be routed to its respective website.

Organisations through which to Donate/Volunteer







I would have liked to provide information about groups concentrating on relief in island territories still being  colonised such as the British Virgin Islands, Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin but I haven’t been able to gather details.

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency and
CARICOM are regional bodies through which a signifcant portion of  Caribbean hurricane Recovery is being facilitated.

Items needed for donation
*Non perishable food
*Baby formula
*Diapers (infant and adult)
*Sanitary napkins
*Clean clothes
*Garbage bags
*Brooms & Mops
*Building tools
*Duct tape
*Insect repellents including citronella candles
*Soaps, lotions
*Toothpaste, deodorants
*Toilet paper
*Heavy duty gloves
*Antiseptic solutions
*First aid kits
*Over the counter medication
*School furnishings as well as supplies for teachers and students
*Building materials

Let us help however we can!!

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