Ancestral Memory's 2018 Soca Round-up

I adore musical genres from various places around the world but Caribbean music has a special place in my heart. Soca, particularly, is the auditory love of my life and not just because it’s Trini and that it’s a musical form created to meld two of  T&T’s 
primary rhythmic threads:African & Indian musical derivatives. I love it also because no other type of music triggers happiness within me quite as much. Since I’ve been wanting to highlight things that make me feel good, I figured it would be cool to 
share my current favourite soca with you. Plus, this week is the climax of Trini 
Carnival 2018.

Here is a list of the tunes that I am dancing to during this Trini Carnival. I’ve provid-ed links to Youtube for all the songs. This way, even if you haven’t made it to T & T Carnival this year, you can still enjoy these serotonin inducing tracks. You’re 

Click on each song title to go to the respective video.

This is perhaps my favorite among the list. It's the epitome of groovy soca. Some soca songs have come to lean heavily on the dancehall side and more recently, towards 
electronic dance. I like many of those but I’m a sucker for soca that’s unapologetic-
ally soca so of course, I’m smitten with how distinctively Trini sounds particularly since it’s in a fresh re-imagining. It makes me feel such pride in my culture.

Another song by this positive youth who is adept at penning uplifting, inspiring soca 
lyrics going beyond the norm of wine and wave. The Voice proves that soca can promote messages of substance and still make you dance.

A duo made in musical heaven bringing together the daughter of soca music's 
founding father, Ras Shorty I - Marge Blackman and a bright light of soca’s 
future, The Voice.

Yet, another member of the legendary Blackman family blazing the soca arena this 
year. Nailah has garnered well deserved praise for her unique take on the genre. She brings a youthful, modern energy but still manages to honour Trinbagonian folk 
sounds. This song is case in point.

Garlin’s wicked flow + Preedy’s fresh touch +  an infectious percussive rhythm = a 
song that makes you dance even if you don’t think you're in the mood. Suddenly, youare on the road, behind a truck, next to the rhythm section, in complete bliss.

Soca in general is a sexy genre but some songs make you feel ultra sexy. With this 
one, Lyrikal’s masculine voice/style and Patsy’s sultry, feminine signature invite you to pelt waist.

Catching Feelings by Nadia Batson
In my opinion Nadia is one of the most underrated soca artistes. She always brings a smooth vocal touch and she’s a brilliant song-writer, penning hits for many other
artistes. Here though, she’s saving a ‘bess' one for herself!!   
Another example of why Kes is one of my favourite soca artistes. In this case, he 
infuses soca's Indian and African elements with an edm touch. Then there are the 
lyrics! Seductive. Easy. Sensual. Perfect slow wine (baby making) soca!

This one is reminiscent of the legendary Antiguan band, Burning Flames (of which,
the beloved, late Trini singer Onika Bostik was a member). That rhythm is
infectious and Marzville’s Bajan (Barbadian) accented ad libs is the cherry on top. 
I particularly like when he says “Sweetheart”. Ha Ha! It’s a classic wukkup anthem!

In recent years the distinction between Soca and its African cousins like Afrobeat
has become increasingly blurred. The celebration of this ancestral connection makes me so happy. This song is such a celebration. (Btw, I would absolutely love to hear some collaborations between artistes from India and artistes from Trinidad & Tobago. I can imagine how amazing that blend would sound).


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