My Favourite Perfume Scents

For years I could not wear alcohol based perfumes without sneezing hysterically.  During that period I resorted to perfumed oils. I sourced many of these from my sister-friend Khadidia's store. She always had a wonderful selection stocked (she still does and I still enjoy indulging in them). Anyway, while playing around with the options from Khadi's store, I noticed that there were certain fragrances/ blends of fragrances that I adored smelling on my body: Rose, Egyptian Amber, White Amber, Egyptian Musk and Jasmine. I like the combination of sweet and slightly musky - flowery sweet namely with roses and jasmines. To me these particular flowers bear such alluring and feminine aromas. They resonate with me even more when coupled with the spiciness of cloves or the earthiness of sandalwood, which are both usually found in amber blends. Just one whiff of all these warm, heady, musky sweet scents elicits sensuality.
These days I can wear alcohol based perfumes without my sinuses rioting so I've incorporated several more variations of my favorite 'smell goodies' into my daily adornment. Whether they are all natural oils or concocted in a lab, my favourite scents help me feel my best. There have been moments when I've considered switching things up and occasionally, I've added new scents. Through this trial and error, I've happily decided to stick to what makes me feel happy, beautiful and sexy. Some I prefer to wear on regular days, others I save for special occasions but they all make me feel powerfully feminine.

Do you have a favourite scent/fragrance that makes you feel like a queen?

Apart from my cherished supply of fragrant oils from my friend's store, here are a few of my go to l'eau de toilettes and l'eau de parfums:


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