Spirulina + Aloe Vera + Cucumber Mask

Like most of the masks I make at home, this one is extremely easy to put together. When it comes to skin care and makeup, I prefer keeping things simple, organic and inexpensive. Making facial masks and scrubs is one way  to maintain simplicity in my skincare regimen while being intentional with the ingredients and attention to my skin's well being. Since growing up, I learned that aloe vera and cucumbers are good for the body and skin when ingested but also when used topically. Last year, I decided to mix things up a tad by making a mask out of spirulina.

Previously, I had tasted spirulina in drinks and smoothies but it dawned on me that the green 'super-food' might make a superb ingredient for a facial treatment. It is packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins  that are excellent for the body whether used internally or externally. Upon noticing skin care products containing spirulina tend to be on the pricey side, I became interested in creating an at home alternative. It felt like I struck gold when I realised how inexpensive and effortless it is to make batches of gooey green treatments for myself. Victory has been sweeter because my skin loves the spirulina mask. From what I have read the blue green algae is good for a range of skin types from dry to oily, sensitive to combination but I want to emphasise that my recommending using Spirulina ( as well as the additional ingredients in this mask and others) comes primarily from my personal experience. It's always a good practice to do your research before introducing something new to your body. In this instance, that might mean consulting your dermatologist or finding out what people with a skin type similar to yours have thought. With that disclaimer out, here are the benefits and recipe for my go to Spirulina mask, (which also includes Aloe Vera and Cucumber).


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