How To Give Your Creativity A Boost

Paradoxically, in the world of social media where there's an inundation of visual stimuli, I sometimes feel blocked artistically. Tantalisingly documented escapades and lust-worthy outfit posts on IG and Pinterest certainly provide heaps of inspiration but I invariably become overwhelmed by these aesthetic displays. While I can't speak for anyone else's creative process, this feeling is always an indication to me that I'm spending too much time in front of screens and not enough time being immersed in life and its raw beauty. It really shouldn't take an onset of unpleasant feelings to immerse myself in things that refresh my mind, body and spirit. So I would like to resort to them on a more regular basis. I already read a lot  and meditate (even though not much lately). I'm sure that incorporating even a few more of these practices each week will help to keep my artistic juices flowing. 

Learn something new just for fun
Whether it's learning a language, experimenting in the kitchen or completing a DIY project, trying our hands/ minds at something new benefits us in so many ways. Happily focusing on the activity at hand enables us to loosen up, stimulates our senses, gives our subconscious mind space to roam and opens us up to fresh ideas. It also builds our confidence to expand our creative expression.

Have a play date with your inner child
Children create authentically and freely because they allow their imaginations to run wild. They surrender to curiosity, they live in the now and they play with joyful abandon - all things that feed creativity. In the name of adulthood, we neglect these things but they are vital to artistic expression. I'm excited about devoting myself to playing more.  I'm excited about getting lost in a colouring book,  bantering with friends over a board game and other light hearted pursuits. 

Visit an unfamiliar place 
The Sagittarius in me is always dreaming of visiting distant lands. Stepping foot in a new country never fails to ignite a creative spark in me. However, when I don't venture to places on my travel bucket list, I am susceptible to feeling disappointed. This is probably due to romanticizing the far flung. I've been reminding myself that happily exploring an unfamiliar place doesn't have to mean journeying across the globe. There are so many gems to acquaint myself with in my neck of the woods.

 When there are too many thoughts jumping around in my mind, I find it challenging to focus or create.  In such instances, meditation is the ideal way to relax mentally. I will not go into detail about the spiritual practice in this post (you can refer here and here for a more in - depth perspective. Suffice it to say for now that meditation soothes stress and harmonizes my thoughts. In other words, it creates a conducive mental environment to tap into inspiration and creativity.

Indulge in some R&R
Speaking of relaxation, the importance of inactivity is so under valued these days. There now seems to be a glorification of busy-ness and multitasking, especially in the U.S. Despite the narrative promoting doing a lot,  always being on the go, always juggling multiple tasks can actually cause us to be less productive. This pertains to creativity too. Our bodies and minds need rest to thrive. This can mean a full 7-8 hrs slumber at night or a few hours sitting by the beach with a good book. A good idea can come from a restorative night of sleep or a simple daydream.

Spend time with nature
I strongly believe that Nature is the most extensive source of inspiration there is on Earth.  From plant life  to landscapes to animal species, Nature blesses us with an infinite amount of beauty and splendour. Whenever I return to the sea or climb a mountain, a sense of awe fills me. Considering this effect, I would like to spend more time in such spaces. Nonetheless, I know even in the every day I can embrace the beauty of the natural world. Spellbinding sunrises & sunsets, exquisite flowers, magnificent trees and melodious birds are a few of the inspiring things we encounter daily.

Take a break from social media
Constantly viewing perfectly curated Instagram feeds can lead us into a comparison trap. Even if you're not typically an envious person, it can be challenging to not measure your creativity against some one else's. Whenever I take an IG hiatus, I feel more in tune with and prouder of my artistic self. Plus, I notice how much more time I have available to create. I invite you to join me in taking more social media and screen time breaks. Let's reconnect with friends and family in real life. Let's meet up with  fellow creatives with whom we can network, collaborate or bounce ideas off. Social media is helpful in making initial links and touching base with people we can relate to but in my opinion, it can't substitute for good old fashioned face to face conversation.

Cheers to Creating!!


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