Some Tips For Practising Manifestation

As I prepare for leaving a job that I've had for almost 10years (and haven't been happy with for that length of time), I have been revisiting the idea of what I want my life to look like. Perhaps one advantage of doing something that I don't like for so long is that it has clarified what I want to do next. I remember how 9 years ago I used to consistently tap into various spiritual tools to manifest wonderful things into my life. Mired by the challenges of the said job, my ability to deliberately shape my life started to feel abstract. Fortunately, it's certainly possible how to once again attract my desires including career ones. Here are the steps I'm planning to implement:

Expressing Gratitude 
In desiring new things for our lives, it's easy to forget the good that's already there. Nevertheless, it's crucial to count our blessings including the seemingly tiny ones if we intend to attract more good. This serves to send out a mental/spiritual signal to the Universe that we are open to receiving more blessings. 

Repeating Affirmations
Just as there is power in writing down our desires, there is power in saying them. We spend a lot of time mentally speaking negative, self sabotaging things to ourselves. Repeating positive affirmations helps us to reprogram those thought patterns, which themselves form the basis for our actions and habits. Positive affirmations also aid in relieving stress, this in turn can contribute to a more conducive mental space for manifesting. 

Making A Vision Board
Vision boards are superb because they  help make  our dreams vivid . There are a variety of ways to go about creating a vision board. We can make one that's big or small, that focuses on one particular theme or several parts of lives. What's most important is that we feel happy and inspired during the process of making the board and looking at it. 

Acting On Inspiration
Manifestation is not magic. It's not about pulling things out of thin air. Although the process can and (should) feel easy, manifesting does also involve action.  Steps like meditating, affirming and creating a vision board get the ball rolling as far as aligning things in the universe for us. As these various things align, inspiration will come. We have to be ready to act on that inspiration. I like the think of this part as meeting the Creator (Universe) half way. 

Doing Something That Feels Good
A huge part of manifesting the things we want is being in alignment and a huge part of being in alignment is feeling good. Whether it be meditating, spending time with people whose company we enjoy or being surrounded by nature, we should indulge in positive vibes. The happier we feel, the better manifesting works.

Being Detached From The How & When
There can be a fine line between thinking about what we want and obsessing over what we want. One way I've come to distinguish between the two is asking myself "Am I enjoying the process of visualising, trusting that my desire is coming to pass in the perfect way at the perfect time?" or "Am I feeling worried about how and when it will happen?" Detachment looks like the former. It's wanting something but not wanting it too much. 

I'm looking forward to having fun with the process and I'll keep you updated on how it goes. Have you tried any of these in manifesting? What have you found works best for you? 

Photographer: Kyeon Constantine

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