What's Next for Ancestral Memory?

For more than a decade I have dreamt of owning a lifestyle brand that would include a boutique in Trinidad & Tobago. I envisioned a gorgeous bohemian space filled with clothing, jewelry and home goods that I would design as well as items that I would carefully collect while travelling. I envisioned a space that would be a haven of inspiration for locals - a space that would celebrate local artisanship and creative expression. I kept this dream even while residing thousands of miles away in the U. S.. This dream was a glimmer of light on days when the monotony and unpleasantness of my job seemed all enveloping. The more unhappy I felt, the more I asked myself what I wanted my life and professional life specifically, to look like.

One blessing of having a job I did not like was that it helped me to become very clear about what I wanted. I knew that I wanted to work for myself. I knew that I wanted to be immersed in a career that I was passionate and excited about. I knew that I wanted my career to stimulate me creatively and feed me spiritually. I knew that I wanted to use my love for creating beautiful things, moments and spaces to uplift others. 

Increasingly, I felt  a conviction to both take a leap towards making this dream a reality and to do so with my friend Kaysia. Upon meeting about ten years ago, she and I immediately felt a bond, not just as two Trini women living in Atlanta but also as black women with similar world views. As I contemplated the next step for Ancestral Memory, Spirit nudged me to invite this dynamic woman to be my partner and I am so happy that I listened. 

Without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to Kaysia as she shares a bit about herself and her hopes for Ancestral Memory.

It is with great honor that I've accepted this role to be a part of the Ancestral Memory brand. For so long I've asked myself "How can I make a difference and give back to my community with the opportunities afforded to me "? Growing up I always knew that I enjoyed serving others. As life progressed I expanded my skills in service through corporate leadership and serving as a doula and spiritual guide to others. There came a point where in my spirit I knew it was time to return home to my roots and determine what shifts I needed to make to continue my evolution. 

In my awakening the universe strengthened the connection I have had with a beautiful kindred spirit, Jenissa. Several  years ago, we connected on culture and life experiences. The closer we became,   we realised that we were destined to work together. Last year we decided to partner in building the Ancestral Memory brand starting with a boutique that will transform the retail culture in T&T and serve as a launching pad for our future endeavours . 

I bring to the table not only an authentic eye for curating events but also a plethora of  ancient spiritual tools and wisdom. I will use these skills to maintain spiritual balance and wellness throughout our boutique and business interactions. I offer my innate ability to 'hold space' and produce unique interactions for people to evolve to the highest versions of themselves. 

The Ancestral Memory brand will shift paradigms, preserve cultural practices and artisanship as well as deliver quality throughout all elements of our business. My vision is that we are a globally recognized enterprise with opportunities to expand and travel throughout the diaspora. Our collaboration will marry detail and intentionality; two things that are important to us. Ancestral Memory to me is not just a brand but also a lifestyle; so I am excited to officially be a part of the Ancestral Memory family. 

Now lets tap in and make magic ! 

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