Our Favourite Trinbagonian Bloggers/Vloggers

As we draw nearer to launching our boutique in Trinidad & Tobago, we wanted to start our celebrations early. One way that we thought we would ring things in is by sharing our current favorite  Trini bloggers. These women keep us inspired daily, bringing a joie de vivre that we recognise as very Trinbagonian. From home to abroad, they are making their mark on social media. Allow us to introduce you if you have not had the pleasure of meeting them already.

Kamara Williams
With her gamine looks, Kamara of In Thing has a well defined sense of personal style. Her outfits never seem dictated by trends but informed by her personality. Black on black, metallic trousers and funky boots are all par for the course. Whether she is traipsing around New York Fashion Week or sharing dressing tips, Kamara exemplifies that being stylish does not necessarily mean a closet full of high end designer labels. This Trini blogger highlights that creativity, an ability to take risks and unapologetic self expression are really what make a person stylish.
 Follow her on IG @inthing_ and on her website
Photography Credit: Kamara Williams

Stephanie Ramlogan
Not only is she a talented stylist who has dressed soca stars like Nailah Blackman, Stephanie is a superb writer. On her blog No More Fashion Victims, she brings keen critique and humourous insightfulness to her exploration of the fashion world,  Trini/Caribbean culture and womanhood. In addition to her writing, we admire Stephanie's uncanny ability to wear individual pieces in multiple (unconventional) ways; her championing of Caribbean designers ; how she inspires us to make environmentally friendly  fashion choices and the ways that she pushes the envelope on what Caribbean style is.
Followe her @StephanieRamlogan on IG and  at
Photography Credit: Ancestral Memory

Tanya Marie Rhule
When she is not using her eye as an artist or background in advertising to create the brand identities for companies in Trinidad & Tobago and beyond, Tanya celebrates other Caribbean creatives on her blog. Due to its intimate interviews and beautiful photography,  Designer Island is our go-to destination for reading up on some of the people influencing the Caribbean's artistic scene. In an age when there is so much pressure to be in front of the camera showing ourselves, speaking about ourselves, Tanya demonstrates the value in giving voice to things from behind the scenes. 
Follow her on IG @designerisland and
Photography Credit: Ancestral Memory

Danielle Gray
Completely embracing her curves, Danielle makes bold, fun statements with lots of color, prints and big hair. Her makeup tutorials keep us laughing and motivate us to up the ante with our beauty regimen. We particularly like following her Instagram and YouTube videos for good tips as well as good laughs. By no means though is Danielle afraid of going deeper. She also discusses salient topics such as the unique challenges that dark skinned bloggers face and her experiences travelling while black in Paris. 
Follow her on IG @stylenbeautydoc and The Style & Beauty Doctor You Tube channel.
Photography Credit: Danielle Gray

Antonia Fifi
Some women just have natural elegance. Antonia is one such woman. Of course attending a  university fashion  program and later work as a buyer undoubtedly honed her skills in identifying  and  editing great pieces. However, we're pretty sure that beyond these factors, Antonia just has an innate understanding of how to dress beautifully.While she exudes impeccable style, the outfits she puts together do not come off as contrived but vibrant and playful. What's even better is that Antonia shares substance too through her contemplations on motherhood and entrepreneurship.
Follow her on IG @tonififi and her blog
Photography Credit: Yaisa Tangwell

Kelsey Marie
We thoroughly enjoy seeing how this woman approaches femininity with her style. She expresses her confidence through a  masterful use of loose blazers, jumpsuits, tunics and pants galore. That is not to say that she does not wear dresses but of course, when she does, she does so irreverently with sneakers and assertive jewelry. Her incorporation of colour is just as good. She moves fluidly between saturated and muted hues. Kelsey easily makes the case for being sexy in fresh (less obvious) ways. 
Follow her at @kelseydashmarie
Photography Credit: Lebo Lukewarm

Sinead Butcher
The last but certainly not the least of our Trini beauties acing social media, is Sinead Butcher. Her dimpled smile is the best finishing accessory to her laid back, sassy style. Her content covers travel posts on Dubai and Grenada, Carnival wear diy's and shopping tips. Sinead's appearance on our Instagram feed always provides a needed jolt of colour and lightheartedness. 
Follow her @sineadbutcher and her blog of the same name
Photography Credit: Sinead Butcher

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