Meditating With A Partner

Close your eyes, open your heart and quiet your mind...your meditation practice is now well underway. During the journey, you will uncover the magic of who you are. You will discover a sense of calm that becomes evident throughout your life. After such an experience, you may feel compelled to share your new found peace with others and you may ask yourself, “How can I do so?” 

We often think that meditation, which is supposed to help bolster personal growth in various areas of our lives, has to be a solitary event. While that may be true at times, meditating with a partner  can be just as transformative and enjoyable as doing solo. If prayer is speaking to God and meditation is listening to God, we can say that meditating with a partner is listening to God with someone else joining you.

Meditating with another person says “I see you, hear you and support you.”. It creates an opportunity to heal the parts of ourselves that long for companionship and fellowship. When two or more are gathered, we remember that we are not alone and that we have a supportive network,  otherw includes other people, our ancestors and God. Meditating with others reveals the power we possess as part of a whole. One of our favourite African proverbs holds true "if you want to go fast,  go alone; if you want to go far, go together". We believe that we humans were designed to move in communion with others. As we build  the Ancestral Memory brand, we look forward to fostering community through one of our favourite wellness practices.

Here are 7 specific reasons we're big on meditating with a partner: 
*It helps to strengthen relationships 
*It promotes clear communication
*It enhances trust 
*It helps to encourage vulnerability  
*It fosters collective creativity 
*It broadens perspective 
*It aides with active listening 
*It provides motivation to meditate

The next time a loved one asks you to spend quality time together or asks for advice, consider sharing your meditation practice with her/him. See what transformations happen for both of you as a result!

Photography Credit: Joel John

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