11 Ways You Can Read More Books

Whenever people asked me how I found the time to read so much I was not sure how to respond. Ever since I could read, it has been like drinking water - a necessity. I couldn't can't imagine life without reading. However, I received the question so frequently that I began giving serious consideration to my reply. Ironically or coincidentally, as I  prepared to finally share this  post, many of our lives slowed down considerably and we became more homeward bound. More than ever, I have been thankful for the refuge that books provide.  I hope that they will  for you too and that these suggestions will help you continue reading even after we return to moving about a lot.

1)Carry A Book With You
When I leave the house, some type of literature usually accompanies me. I read while travelling by bus, train or plane. As a result of keeping a book handy, it's easier to seize opportunities to read. This may look like finishing a chapter in your doctor's waiting room or reading a poem while waiting for a flight. You will notice that opportunities to read continuously present themselves when you keep books with you.

2) Join A Book Club
One of the reasons I love reading is that it lends  itself well to my need for solitude. However, you may be someone who thrives through ongoing social interaction. In that case,  book clubs may be an ideal option for you. By participating in a book club, your reading experience can be more interactive and social. It's fun to discuss characters, plot, themes and more with other enthusiastic readers, especially if you are an extrovert.

3)Skip Screen Time
After a stressful work day, or on a free Sunday, it's tempting to binge on Netflix. It's just as tempting to jump unto Instagram as soon as we wake up. By converting just a fraction of daily screen time to book time, you will get a lot more reading done; feel more at ease and inspired.

4)Join Your Local Library
Along with the decline in reading these days, fewer people now rely on libraries for obtaining books. Although we may have neglected these precious institutions in the name of convenience, they still offer several benefits. Libraries contain wide assortments of genres.  Memberships to them tend to be free so you can read an unlimited selection of books at little to no cost. Libraries also host lectures, book clubs and other gatherings. Plus, many libraries allow members to take advantage of audiobooks and ebooks. 

5)Take Yourself On Reading 'Dates'
You might be wondering "what the heck are reading dates?" Let's just say that they're a way to romance yourself with reading. There are a few ways you can approach reading dates. For e.g., you can grab a book, some edible treats and a blanket and head to a park or beach. You can explore a cute local bookstore you have been intending to visit. You can savour a book of poetry and a delicious meal at a nice restaurant. The key is to have your reading date at a time when the place of choice will not be too busy. You want the outing to be relaxing.

6)Read More Than One Book Simultaneously
At first glance, this suggestion may seem a bit ambitious but hear me out. When you're reading a riveting book, you feel no desire to put the book down. However, sometimes even a good book can be a lot to finish in one go. When I'm reading books that cover heavy topics that trigger the empath in me, I take a break by reading something with lighter subject matter.  I also use this method when reading boring but enriching self-help books.  

7)Switch Up Genres
This piggy backs on the previous tip. Another way to remain stimulated by reading is to switch up genres. You can alternate genres after one or a few books if reading more than one book simultaneously will overwhelm you. I usually read a combination of historical fiction, fantasy, self help and romance during a given month. It definitely keeps things fun.

8)Read Books That You Want To Finish
It's also good to know that if you find a particular book boring or annoying one chapter in, there's no need to complete it. I used to feel pressure to finish a book once I started reading it. Thankfully, I'm past that phase. Life is too short to force ourselves to read books we dislike. There are enough other things that we do out of obligation. Reading shouldn't feel like a chore, it should be satisfying. 

9)Keep A Book By Your Bed
Reading is one of my favourite ways to wind down. Easing into the comfort of a good book after a long day is therapeutic. Some people argue that reading in bed at night isn't a good idea since you might fall asleep and come to associate reading with sleeping. For me that's not the case. In fact, there have been many occasions when the wee hours of mornings have found me engrossed in a captivating story. How can you go wrong beginning or ending your day with a good book?

10)Go Digital
Without a doubt, I'm a staunch supporter of real books. In my opinion, there is no substitute for taking a book off a shelf and rifling through its pages. Even though I haven't given up collecting or toting weighty books around, I can't argue against the convenience of going digital. Audiobooks are great for passing hours in traffic and  Ebooks are great for flights. By all means, take advantage of electronic options if they help you finish books you otherwise would not get around to reading.

11)Prioritise Reading 
When it comes down to it, if you want to read more, you have to find the time for doing so. I do realise that not everyone's schedule looks like mine. (I have an unconventional job that often gives me stretches of days off. Plus, I have no children to whom I have to tend). Still, I suspect that even if you have a lot on your plate, you may be able to find a bit of time for books. Begin with little moments and go from there. The more you dedicate parts of your day to reading, the more you will want to do so. Don't take my word for it. See for yourself!

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